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Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio is located approximately 1 1/2 hours south of Surf Inn Hermosa and is one of the most visited National Parks in Costa Rica.  It features not only rainforest, but spectacular white sand beaches.  This is a great side trip from Surf Inn Hermosa and highly recommended with a guide who can show you all of the wildlife of the park.  This picture features one of the famous three-toed sloths that can be seen thru the telescopes of the nature guide.  Manuel Antonio’s nature trails are awesome to hike and take in all wildlife ranging from toads and iguanas to monkeys, toucans and songbirds.  In 2011, this park was voted as one of the most beautiful national park by Forbes.

Butterfly Farm and Neofauna Tour

Just 15 Minutes North of Surf Inn Hermosa, there is the Neofauna Butterfly and Serpentarium Facility that has a large buttefly garden, a serpentarium and a frog exhibit.  Guests can see morpho and tiger butterflies up close, along with many of Costa Rican’s venomous snakes, and 3 different endangered dart frogs and five leaf/tree frogs. This is an awesome nature educational tour that is reasonable in price, close by and great for the entire family. For more information, contact

Kayak Jaco

Kayak Jaco has been providing guests with high quality kayak tours here in the Central Pacific zone formore than 10 years.  Their Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling tour is a fun adventure thru the incredible scenery along the Central Pacific Coast leaving from Playa Agujas. The tour is ½ day affair with departures available at 8.15 am and 2.15 pm.  Transportation is available from Surf Inn Hermosa.  Custom Fishing Kayak Tours can be arranged as well.  Additionally, the Outrigger Canoe Tour can be used for groups of 7 persons. For more information, contact

Spice Farm Tour

A Visit To the Villa Vanilla Rainforest Spice Farm Could Be One of Your Most Memorable Experiences in Costa Rica.  Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation is a good example of an all sustainable organic spice farm here in Costa Rica.  It is certified organic and biodynamic and one will find a variety of spices and essential oil plants, including vanilla, cocoa, and ceylon (true) cinnamon grown on the farm.  This outstanding tour explains the spices’ origins, their ancient history and their now traditional uses, as well as touch, smell and taste aromatic spices, medicinal and essential oil plants in the field.  The tour consists of a gentle walk along the plantation’s Epiphyte (air plant) and Rock Garden Trail.   The “Flavors of the World” tasting menu features the world’s three favorite flavors – vanilla, chocolate and ceylon cinnamon -, among other spices, there are also seasonal tropical fruits at the Rainforest Viewpoint where visitors enjoy an assortment of gourmet spice treats all grown on the plantation and prepared by the staff’s pastry chef.   If you’re a foodie, enjoy either making or tasting food-this tour is a great choice for you.  For more information, contact

Costa Rica Waterfall Tour

Experience the magic of Costa Rica Waterfalls here in the Central Pacific zone. Costaricawaterfalltours have put together 4 different options for exploring waterfalls in our area. The Explorer, The Jumper, The Jungle Trekker and the Extreme Adventurer offer an option for everyone. Whether it is sitting in a natural pool, surrounded by trees and wildlife or experiencing the adrenaline rush of cliff jumping into waterfalls, you will find their options one of the best tours in the Central Pacific zone. They will pick you up at your rental and head South from Surf Inn to visit the waterfalls which seem like they are carved right out of the rainforest. Prices range from $69 to $139 per person depending on which tour you select. This tour operator has also won the “Certificate of Excellence” Award by TripAdvisor.  For more information,