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THURSDAY AUGUST 16th  –SOLID SSW –  4-6ft and outlook is to continue filling in for head high ++ surf – Look to local area standout breaks – High tide early this morning and backing out til low mid day. Sun coming out this morning in Playa Hermosa   –  High Tide 6:20M and Low Tide 12:29PM

Local’s Corner: – Every Weekend don’t miss the Master’s Surf Series – 4PM on Fridays and the Saturday Surf Series on Saturdays – 4PM in front of the Backyard Bar.  Mark your calendars for Saturday September 1st  – it is the Finals of the National Circuit of Bodyboard being held at the Backyard Bar at 7AM -Stay Tuned for Dates of Bomber Fest Mid-September in Playa Hermosa.

— Visual Costa Rica Surf Report & Forecast Courtesy Surf Inn Hermosa – Now offering Surf & Fitness Packages: Surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), yoga, fitness, healthy food & plenty of good times included! More information.

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Meet Costa Rica Jam Sessions, a live music web series made with love in the small Central American paradise of Costa Rica. The aim of this digital project is to use the band’s music to promote Costa Rica and its Pura Vida lifestyle.
This reggae band is composed of a diverse group of individuals, each with his own background and talent. Fate brought them together 6 months ago when they met at an open mic in Playa Hermosa. They lost no time doing what they love the most – making music. Marco Villalta, whose vision for this web series was to use Costa Rica’s incredible natural beauty as the band’s stage, is the founder of CRJS and whose mission is to change the world.

In August 2017, the band began recording their songs in diverse spots around Costa Rica. They release a new song every other Wednesday on their website as well as on Youtube and Instagram.  Not only has their music captivated their audience, but so has their message of love, optimism and peace.  Costa Rica Jam Sessions finalized their first season last week with their 8th video, an original called Na Na Na that was filmed at Surfing Hermosa Hotel in the surf paradise of Playa Hermosa on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast. Their second session begins in February 2018 and promises to be even better than the first!
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