A Visit To the Villa Vanilla Rainforest Spice Farm Could Be One of Your Most Memorable Experiences in Costa Rica.  Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation is a good example of an all sustainable organic spice farm here in Costa Rica.  It is certified organic and biodynamic and one will find a variety of spices and essential oil plants, including vanilla, cocoa, and ceylon (true) cinnamon grown on the farm.  This outstanding tour explains the spices’ origins, their ancient history and their now traditional uses, as well as touch, smell and taste aromatic spices, medicinal and essential oil plants in the field.  The tour consists of a gentle walk along the plantation’s Epiphyte (air plant) and Rock Garden Trail.   The “Flavors of the World” tasting menu features the world’s three favorite flavors – vanilla, chocolate and ceylon cinnamon -, among other spices, there are also seasonal tropical fruits at the Rainforest Viewpoint where visitors enjoy an assortment of gourmet spice treats all grown on the plantation and prepared by the staff’s pastry chef.   If you’re a foodie, enjoy either making or tasting food-this tour is a great choice for you.  For more information, contact surfinnhermosa@yahoo.com